Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Camellia Interior Design.

My goal as a designer is to help you define your own style and develop an aesthetic based

on your lifestyle and values.


Before embarking on your project, I focus on learning more about you. I’ll ask questions about your life, family, work and how you spend your time. I pay close attention to how you live in your space and what you’d like to change. I bring photos and samples to determine what pieces and looks you prefer. I also draw on my years of experience and professional expertise to make recommendations that you may not have previously considered.


Based on this evaluation of both you and your space, I create a unique, customized design. I also coordinate any other vendors needed for the project from my team of professionals, such as architects, builders and painters. I regard my clients as partners in the process; if you wish, you can be involved in every step. Even if you decide to take a more backseat role, the result will be a space that is a beautiful reflection of you and your life.


For more information about my design process and/or to schedule a consultation, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!