Laura was my designer on a large-scale project for my home; we gutted much of the interior and refurnished all of it. My experience working with Laura was great. I appreciated that she spent a lot of time learning what my style is and how my sons and I live in the house. She really got to know the spaces in our home and how different pieces would work together. The time was well spent and crucial to my decision-making. I never felt rushed and enjoyed the entire process. I really love the house and working with Laura was a great experience.

   Jim Angell, Client


I have worked with Laura on my kitchen, dining room, living room and master bedroom. The largest project she did was my kitchen. We gutted our existing kitchen and moved several walls. It took about three months. Laura helped me in every step of this complete renovation. She started with providing practical input on the design of the space and then held my hand step-by-step as we selected finishes and paint colors. Laura designed the tile design on my back splash and above my stove, as well as the window treatment. The finished project is stunning. More than five years later, I love my kitchen the way I did when it was first completed. Laura has helped us with many projects throughout our house, and her ability to blend the new with our existing style is fantastic. In addition, her impeccable taste and attention to detail yield gorgeous results. From the details of the tassels on a curtain to the paint color of the ceiling, Laura creates a beautiful look that is also welcoming and comfortable. Laura is always conscious of staying within our budget and offers great alternatives when having to make selections. In addition, her staff is professional and helpful, and I have complete confidence in them as well. I would not change one thing in my house without talking to Laura first.

  Judith Isaacs, Client


We worked with Laura for about a year on a recent project in our home. Laura has provided excellent, responsive service with a wide range of design ideas. Budget and time expectations were clearly defined and met. I have DDDD (Design Decision Deficit Disorder), and Laura has held my hand through every aspect. She has been very patient, and we are very happy with the results. We couldn’t have done it without her and her team.

   Becky Leffingwell, Client


I’ve known Laura for nearly 10 years, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a collaborative relationship with another designer. Laura is open to new ideas, is highly detail-oriented and professional, and her clients clearly love her and her work. When I first saw one of her homes, I thought, “This woman is amazing.”

   Molly Reinhardt, Branch Manager,

   Materials Marketing


Laura and I have worked together on more than 10 projects over the years, and the process is always enjoyable. We work together as a team, sharing ideas and designs that meet the clients’ needs. Laura understands the layout of any space and knows what pieces will work; she has a great sense of design and a strong attention to detail. There are no shortcuts, and the quality of her work is top-notch.  It is always a pleasure to work with Laura and her clients.

   David Kremer, Furniture Maker


I have worked with Laura and many of her clients, both in the showroom and in their personal homes, helping to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that is suitable for the clients’ lifestyle. Laura is very good at listening to the clients’ needs and wants, while incorporating them into the overall style of the house with the most beautiful products. She is always a pleasure to work with no matter what the situation is. I have the utmost respect for her and look forward to every new project we can collaborate on. She enjoys the input and creativity that everyone brings to the table, which makes her partnership not only successful, but pleasurable. She is always prepared and professional, with many ideas to please all parties. Best of all, she works with a continual smile that will light up the room!

   Jenee Rick, Sales Associate, TOWN Studio



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