Laura Abramson-Pritchard, Principal

I’ve always felt that who I am as a designer is a direct result of my beginnings. Growing up in the South allows for many different experiences and perspectives. For me, it nurtured an appreciation for the unique combination of strong, rich architecture and soft, warm details. My affinity for structure and beauty led to my undergraduate degree in art history. Later, my graduate degree in nonprofit business administration and years of work in education helped me understand how important our environment is in reaching our potential.


These powerful influences all contributed to a strong classical foundation to my work. I believe in proportion and scale, great architecture, and finding the voice in every design element.


My goal is to help you find your own style and create spaces that will stand the test of time.

I don’t usually pursue what’s trendy, but rather what is stylish and classic in architecture, color and texture. I believe that spaces should satisfy the soul and tell the story of those who live there.

I help you spend resources well, and my passion is finding those special, extraordinary elements that are uniquely you.


Please read more about my design process. Feel free to contact me with any questions

and/or to schedule a consultation. Thank you for your interest!